Team Talk Jill Misson Louis Fetigan BFBS Radio Family Time Credit BFBS

Team Talk: A Look At The Triumphs & Sometimes Trials Of Forces Family Life

The 13-week series starts on Tuesday 21st April on BFBS Radio

Team Talk Jill Misson Louis Fetigan BFBS Radio Family Time Credit BFBS

There’s a brand-new show coming to BFBS Radio focusing on what family life is really like, when one, or both parents are serving members of the British Armed Forces.

Broadcast over thirteen weeks, ‘Team Talk’ is a family-focused programme about the triumphs and trials of forces family life.

We’ll hear from military families about the issues that affect them. Everything from the upheaval of being posted to a new home, finding the right help with special educational needs and time spent apart from loved ones.

We’ll also hear from celebrities like magician LCpl Richard Jones, pro-Rugby Union player Joe Cokanasiga and singer James Blunt, who all have a military connection. They’ll share their journey in exclusive interviews, revealing interesting, thought-provoking and positive stories.

Team Talk Louise Fetigan Jill Misson And Guest BFBS Radio

'Team Talk'

Team Talk is a friendly, warm and safe space to be honest about the joys and hardships of life in a modern, military family; sharing experiences and receiving guidance from those, ‘in the know’.

Jill Misson and Charlie Fife present the show and as forces broadcasters and military spouses, they also have first-hand experience of many of the issues raised in the series.

Jill spent three years as an overseas presenter, reporter and producer for BFBS Radio, before returning to the UK to for both BFBS and the BBC. Charlie, whose husband is ex-forces, has worked for BFBS in Cyprus, Germany, Brunei and most recently, in the Falkland Islands.

Team Talk Graphic BFBS Radio

Listeners will also hear from Louise Fetigan, the founder of Little Troopers - a charity that supports military children and families.

She joins Jill and Charlie each week offering advice on how to navigate military family life and celebrating the positives that come with it. Each week a military family joins the Team Talk presenters to lead the chat about their own lives.

Team Talk Louise Fetigan And Guest BFBS Radio

There will also be time dedicated to celebrating the victories of armed forces children and teenagers. From the small and mundane to significant milestones, there’s lots going on that’s worth championing.

Team Talk shines a spotlight on the achievements and positive aspects of life for military children. Over the course of the series, you’ll hear inspiring stories that either you or a loved one will identify with.

Team Talk Jill Misson Louise Fetigan And Guest BFBS Radio

Each week, military children will take the reins as the show's DJ and introduce a song that resonates most with their forces family life. It might be a track that drums up patriotic pride in their serving parent, a song that helps them feel brave each time they face their first day at a new school or the song that reminds them of their serving parent on deployment.

We would love to know what your favourite song is – and why it means so much to you. Is there a song that feels like it’s been written just for you? Is there something that reminds you of an incredible time with family or a great posting? Give us a call on our (UK only) FREE number 0333 789 6000 and tell us about your favourite song.

You can also contact the show here [email protected]


Team Talk Louise Fetigan Charlie Fife And Guest BFBS Radio

The first episode will air at 6:30pm BST on Tuesday, April 21, on BFBS Radio.

There’s another chance to hear Team Talk every Sunday at 11:30am BST.

You can also hear Team Talk on BFBS Radio 2, Tuesdays at 4:30pm BST and on Saturdays at 10:30am BST.

The podcast will be available at


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