Ideas To Make Mother's Day Special When You're Away From Your Mum

Here are some ideas to help give your mum a special Mother’s Day from afar or indoors together

Mother's Day, also known as Mothering Sunday, is a special day and while people are apart or indoors together here are some ideas to keep it just so. 

In light of current circumstances, you might be worrying about how to make this coming Mother's Day a special one. Even if you can't be with her, you can still give your mum the Mother's Day she deserves. The military community are often away from home and loved ones when special occasions take place, due to deployments. 

If you are social distancing away from your mum or you are already away on deployment here are some ideas to make the day as special as it can be:

  • Flower delivery
  • A video or phone call, but not just a quick chat
  • Make a fun video
  • Eat a meal together while on a video call
  • Send homemade card 
  • Watch a film at the same time 

Make A Memories Or Care Package

If your mother does not have video phone capabilities, then there are other ways to send her your love, perhaps in a package delivery of memories.

  • Put in framed photographs or a photo album
  • Add her favourite treats like chocolates, biscuits or sweets
  • Include some cards and drawings from the children
  • Maybe add books or music depending on her preferences
  • You could add a list of memories with pictures of moments in your lives together that have been special

Ideas For Celebrating Mother's Day Indoors Together

If you are with your mum but social distancing here are some at home ideas:

  • Indoor picnic 
  • At home cinema, and let her pick the film
  • Bring the outdoors in, and decorate inside with flowers and greenery from the garden
  • At home restaurant. Try to make the most random meal you can out of the contents of the freezer
  • Bake a cake 
  • Write happy notes and hide them around the house for your mum to find
  • At home spa - Nail painting session, run a relaxing bath 

What ideas can you think of to celebrate Mother's Day?