BFPO Father's Day

Father's Day: Here Is How To Correctly Address Your BFPO Mail

Everything you need to know to ensure your mail arrives to your father serving overseas on time.

BFPO Father's Day

Using the British Forces Post Office (BFPO) can sometimes be a minefield, so we have put together a handy guide on how to get that much needed morale to your father for this special day. 

Christmas Mail at RAF Akrotiri

How to send a letter?

Forces Free Air Letters (FFALs) also known as ‘blueys’, are a way of sending letters and messages free to personnel deployed in certain locations. (pick up free from the post office).

To check if the location you are sending to is eligible for free postage, see the list via the link below.

Personnel entitled to use BFPO services at these locations are also eligible to send blueys back to the UK free of charge.

Postage for letters sent to other locations that are not eligible will be charged at the standard UK rate, rather than the more expensive international rate usually charged.

How to send a parcel? 

Under the Enduring Families Free Mail Service (EFFMS), small parcels of up to 2kg in weight can be sent free of charge to certain locations via Royal Mail services. Small parcels must not exceed 45cm in length, width 35cm and depth 16cm to qualify for free postage. 

For sending larger parcels and items not eligible to the EFFMS, can be sent via the BFPO system, but will be charged at the standard UK rates instead of the more expensive international rates.

Check if the location you are sending to is eligible for the EFFMS on the BFPO website.

Christmas Mail RAF Akrotiri 271218 CREDIT BFBS

How do you address BFPO mail correctly?

All BFPO mail should be addressed as follows:

Service Number, Rank, Name 

Sub-Unit, Regiment

Operation or location name 

BFPO Number 

(Always include a return address on your mail).

Click here for a list of the British Forces Post Office locations and numbers. 

There is also a BFPO app designed to support and connect Forces personnel with their families across the globe. Features include locating all BFPO numbers anywhere in the world, a complete list of all BFPO retailers, and helpful reminders of prohibited and restricted postage items.