Children Asked For Their Lockdown Feelings

A new project to share feelings around lockdown

Military children are being encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings about the coronavirus lockdown as part of a creative archive project..  

The Paperchains project was created in the height of the UK's national lockdown earlier this year, with the mission to capture sometimes unheard voices. 

The project was the idea of Alan.G.Smith, an author who wrote the horror 'Weeping Bank', who teamed up with Reading Consultant David Kendall. 

The pair have experience working with those who would not normally have their voices heard, and the project aims to give light to those voices. David said:

"To get the voices that wouldn’t usually be heard recorded into history, we got responses to the lockdown from communities that wouldn’t normally be asked."


Paperchains entry from the first phase. Credit Paperchains

The first stage of the Paperchains project involved voices of adults from prisons, veterans and homeless communities. The second stage is centered around children and young people, aged between 10 - 18, from similar communities, including those whose families are serving military or veterans. 

Submissions to the project need to be either a drawing, sketch, painting, or a written response, journal entry, short story, poem or rap. They must be about feelings and responses to the current coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns that have been taking place. 

The deadline for entries is October 17 2020, along with the entry form they can either be emailed or posted to:


PO BOX 7482

Stourbridge DY8 9HH

Some of the submissions will be printed in a book to bring together all the voices, and they will also be shared at the Hay Festival, a literature and arts festival, next year. 

Art entry from the first phase. Credit Paperchains