Runners starting off the colour run at Depsey Barracks, running through a haze of orange, pink and yellow paint

Chased By The Rainbow To Raise Money

Runners starting off the colour run at Depsey Barracks, running through a haze of orange, pink and yellow paint

It was a sight to see, herds of people, young and old, marching in droves, all in white, to the sports field on Dempsey Barracks to participate in this years Colour Run hosted by 1 Armoured Medical Regiment on Thursday 27th June. Originally planned for Wednesday, but postponed due to the freak heat wave that hit Europe, the event was a huge success, with families and friends coming together to raise money for charity and create a bit of a spectacle in the process.

A group of friends posing in their painted T-Shirts after completing the run.

A simple 2k run turned into a fiasco of fun, laughter and, of course, colour as participants made their way across the track, facing obstacles such as a tyres, hurdles, a Slip n’ Slide to add to the madness. For the more advanced runners there was also the option of a 5k, which meant those who ran it didn’t stand a chance of not being covered in paint.

Man Running through Tyre Obstacles

The event raised a total of £950 for the mental health charity Mind. GDMO Captain Laurie Elliot, told BFBS she had the community of BFG in mind when the organisation was chosen. In the studio she said,

"Given the fact that the BFG community is moving back to the UK, or even over to Cyprus, there’s going to be a lot of everyday stresses added into people’s lives. If you look on the MIND website it gives you some excellent tips on how you manage those stresses and build that resilience to make that process go slightly more smoothly."

1AMR Cake Stall

Of course it wasn’t just all about running, for those who wanted to take part without the run, a cake stand was set up selling a cornucopia of baked goods, from chocolate brownies, and Victoria sponges, to marshmallow and rice crispy treats.

Boy eating Cake after finishing run

By the end there was not a white t-shirt in sight. If the aim was to dodge the mischievous troops who were dowsing people with paint, nobody was successful. There was however plenty of smiles and a great feeling of accomplishment by all.

Congratulations to all who took part and well done to 1AMR who raised money for MIND charity.

Crowd of pleased participants

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