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Can A Soldier Fit In A Ford Escort Boot?

REME soldiers from 16 Air Assault Brigade test their knowledge and skills in what they call; Exercise Pegasus Bluebell.

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers from 16 Air Assault Brigade took on a challenge that, while testing skills and readiness for operations, looks like a lot of fun.

Perhaps not for the guy that ended up in the boot of a Ford Escort though?

The first Exercise Pegasus Bluebell task for the REME soldiers was a log race through Colchester’s Friday Woods, which provided difficult terrain having been waterlogged from previous rainy days.

Major Darren Clarke put it best during the awards ceremony, saying:

“At no point, is a log run ever easy.”

The winners of the morning log race were given the first choice of a number of cars to use during the afternoon’s engineering task.

The teams had to remove the engine from their chosen car, using a standard army toolkit.

Then the car had to be returned to working order before each team member had to drive the car around a small obstacle course.

Exercise Pegasus Bluebell REME Soldiers 16 Air Assault Brigade Remove Engine From Car Credit: @16AirAssltBde

Credit: @16AirAssltBde

The twist; they were blindfolded, with the passengers having to direct while balancing a bucket of water on top of the car.

The results were announced at a St Eligius Day service, led by 16 Air Assault Brigade’s senior chaplain Reverend Mark Grant-Jones, with 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (3 PARA) Light Aid Detachment finally emerging victorious.

They were presented the Lance Corporal James McCue Memorial Trophy, named in honour of one of the Brigade’s REME soldiers killed while serving in Iraq in 2003.

Representing the 3 PARA team was WO2 Aaron Disney who was eager to celebrate the whole team’s performance.

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