Meribel 2019

Telemark Appeal For More Female Skiers

This year's events featured an all-male cast.

The Telemark discipline has appealed for more female athletes after an all-male line-up competing at this year’s Inter Service Snow Sports Championships.

In previous years, there have been female athletes involved in the Telemark events but they are few and far between.

Colonel Graham Armour is the chairman of Telemark and he says the lack of female competition is something they are working at changing: “I’m not really too sure why the women aren’t coming to Telemark.

"Especially as Yasmin Taylor is second in the world at the moment.

“I think there’s a myth out there that Telemark skiing is more difficult than it actually is.

“With our new equipment, actually, Telemark skiing is a lot more accessible than it was before.”

Col Armour has been part of the Royal Marines since 1985.

Lieutenant Colonel Huan Davies and Major Luke Davies, two of the participants, also can’t understand why there is no female participation in the discipline.

Lt Col Davies said: “I’ve got great hopes that now the Royal Marines are taking in women, we will be having some fantastic female competitors very soon.

Major Davies said: “I’d just like to say we have all the equipment for females as well. We just need women to give it a go.

“They will get all the instructions they need. We have a great coach and we’ll get them out here.

“They can have a bit of experience and hopefully, we will be pushing in some GB Championships and women’s championships in the future.”