Meribel 2019

Meribel 2019: Navy Win Championship's Video Competition

All three teams created a competition of their own from the Inter Services Snow Sports Championship.

Many of the trophies in Meribel may have been won on the tracks, but there was one competition that has celebrated the best video editing teams from the three services.

The task was to create the best training video from the Inter Services Snow Sports Championships, with footage shot prior to the event.

It meant the Navy, RAF and Army had their best cameramen filming all of their pre-Championship training from lots of resorts around Europe.

Their compilations were created and shown to their snowboarding peers, who collectively picked the winner.

On the last night in Mottaret, the winner was chosen and it was the Royal Navy who were crowned champions.

The winning video can be seen below, edited by Curtis Gayle.

Music: Night Drive - After Dark (The Penelopes Remix).