Shell Shock
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Watch Our Live Stream Of The Shell Shock Play On Stage Here Now

Shell Shock

This is your chance to watch this powerful stage play named Shell Shock that tackles issues of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as it is performed live at the National Army Museum to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week.

The performance contains adult themes and strong language which some might find offensive. It also features flashing lights, loud sound effects, and scenes which some may find upsetting or disturbing.

It is part of a special evening hosted by the museum as it explores mental health in the military.

The performance of the acclaimed one-man Shell Shock play will be followed by a panel discussion with some of the country’s leading experts on the subject.

The production is based upon a novel first published in 2011 by Kosovo and Iraq veteran Neil Watkin (writing as Neil Blower), who was diagnosed with PTSD after leaving the Army and encouraged to take up creative writing through the Armed Forces' charity Combat Stress as part of his treatment.

Watch: What is Shell Shock the play?

Mental Health Awareness Week performances:

Eastbourne – Towner Gallery, Tuesday 14th May tickets here

London – National Army Museum, Thursday 16th May tickets here

The discussion will be hosted by Caroline Wyatt, BBC Journalist and Presenter.


Professor Sir Simon Wessely, Regius Professor of Psychiatry and Co-Director of Military Health Research, King’s College London.

Dr Jonathan Leach, NHS England Medical Director for Armed Forces and Veterans Health.

Dr Walter Busuttil, Medical Director, Combat Stress.

Warrant Officer Class One, Gavin Paton, Army Sergeant Major, British Army.

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