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Today Is International Men's Day 2019: But What Is It?

With a personal message from the SEAC, WO1 Glenn Haughton OBE MBA.

International Men’s Day was first held in 1992 and is now officially celebrated and recognised in more than 70 countries worldwide. 

Today is International Men's Day (IMD), but what is it and why did it begin?

The official International Men's Day website states that the day is to discuss issues such as 'men's and boy's health, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models'.

International Men's Day is now held on the 19th November annually.


The reasons for having an International Men's Day are set out in 'The Six Pillars of International Men's Day'. These are:

Men's and boys' health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, highlighting discrimination against men, and promoting male role models.

Each year there is also a theme, this year's theme is 'Making a Difference for Men and Boys', which aims to focus on promoting the need to value men and boys and help people make practical improvements in men and boy’s health and well-being.

Men in the UK are more likely to die by suicide, including lower life expectancy and IMD hopes to highlight issues such as these.