Mental Health

Put The World To Rights With Your Mukka - #FillYourBrew

Written by Alfie "Good Good" Usher - Marketing Manager, Forces Money

For Mental Health Week 2019, BFBS partnered with Fill Your BootsContact Coffee and Tactical Tea for the #FillYourBrew campaign. This week, make time to have that brew with a mate and talk. 

Soldiers and ex-soldiers make up some of the most vulnerable members of society as they are exposed to situations and experiences that make them easily susceptible to PTSD and other mental health issues.

A typical day on FYB consists of me receiving up to 300 messages, roughly three-quarters of which are memes and dits and the occasional pad life chuntering.

However, recently, more than ever I'm receiving a handful of messages daily from serving and ex serving soldiers in dire need of support. The severity of the support needed can range from someone wanting an understanding ear to bend to immediate life-saving intervention.

Whilst the army has recently proactively tried to tackle the situation with incentives such as OPSMART, such schemes may never be as effective at spotting, preventing and aiding the issue as the blokes on the ground can.

Nobody knows you as an individual more so than those you live and serve with.

"With this in mind, this campaign aims to reinforce the fact that it takes two minutes to boil the kettle and put the world to rights with your mukka."

It’s a cliche in the civi world too, but a problem shared really is a problem halved, and I can truly testify for that myself.  

Alfie “Good good” Usher, Marketing Manager Forces Money - Military tax refund

A helpline to provide round-the-clock support to forces personnel dealing with mental health issues has been launched after funding by the Ministry of Defence.

Anyone who needs help, advice or support with mental health issues can call the Military Mental Health Helpline on 0800 323 4444.

There are also many charities that offer free help and support to veterans such as SSAFA and Combat Stress.