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Who Knew You Could Do This On A Chinook?

Was this Forces Live Events (CSE)'s most intimate gig yet?

This is the moment that a rock band rocked up the rotorblades by turning a Chinook into their stage for the day.

Forces Live Events (CSE) and its band The Dominos, which are used to performing everywhere from mountaintops to swanky ballrooms, played a special one-off gig in the back of the iconic helicopter to take their musical portability to the next level.

The band had spent all afternoon on that day, a blisteringly hot day in July, entertaining airmen and women, their families and friends with unplugged roaming band performances, at RAF Odiham.

CSE Beneficiary RAF Odiham

Not satisfied with playing a packed-out crowd on the main CSE stage at RAF Odiham later that day, CSE decided to squeeze the four performers into the back of a Chinook for a one-off special gig in the most unique (and hot) of venues.

CSE Beneficiary RAF Odiham

RAF Liaison Sgt Stu Mitchell, a musician himself said:

"The Dominos are the best CSE band I have ever seen."

CSE Beneficiary RAF Odiham

The band were joined on the day by a DJ/kids party entertainer, both of which were kindly donated by the CSE Beneficiary Fund.

CSE also arranged a circus skills workshop, children’s mascots and characters to make everyone smile.

CSE Beneficiary RAF Odiham

RAF liaison Sgt Daniel Smith thanked everyone for all the generous additions to the popular RAF Odiham Families’ Day, that saw almost 5000 attendees.

CSE Beneficiary RAF Odiham

Roary the dinosaur was a big hit with the children as well as Batman and Batgirl, Captain America and Princess Belle.

The circus skills work shop saw kids and kids at heart trying their hands at tight rope walking, spinning plates, juggling and so much more.

CSE Beneficiary RAF Odiham

The previous 12 months have been incredibly tough for RAF Odiham so this was a welcome event for personnel and their families, who have been under a huge strain with the station stretched over 2 Operational deployments, alongside supporting 4 major exercises, all while continuing to produce the training requirements required to sustain the Chinook force output.

CSE Beneficiary RAF Odiham

The Families Day met criteria for CSE Beneficiary funded services and was successful in its aims to show thanks and appreciation, not only to RAF Odiham, but their families for their unwavering support at a time when there is a turnaround of personnel every 3-4 months.

It gave a warm welcome to those returning and gave those departing a good send off with family memories made.    

CSE Beneficiary RAF Odiham

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