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Veterans Laugh And Dance The Night Away Thanks To CSE's New Comedy Gig

CSE debuted a fantastic night of comedy at Stoll in Fulham as part of a new initiative to entertain the veterans.

As part of a new initiative to entertain veterans, CSE debuted a fantastic night of comedy for the residents of Stoll in Fulham.

Stoll provides affordable, high-quality housing and support services to more than 600 people each year.

More than just bricks and mortar, it supplies a wide range of support services and makes a real difference to the lives of hundreds of ex-servicemen and women.

Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions in Fulham contains more than 157 flats, housing a broad spread of veterans from every conflict, ranging from 23 to 96 years old.

Entertaining the diverse crowd were CSE’s very own comedy veterans Barry Castagnola, Paul Pirie, Christian Reilly and Junior Simpson, most of whom have travelled out to areas of conflict such as Afghanistan and Kosovo to provide a much-needed morale boost.

Verity Geere from Forces Radio BFBS attended the comedy show and asked members of the audience what they thought of the show.

The debut event was received with laughter, applause and even a little bit of dancing.

Following the event, Nick Shatford, Health & Wellbeing Manager at Stoll, reported that the feedback had been very positive from the audience members so far. He added:

“It was a fantastic evening... In fact, Bill said it was the best night he had had in the Stoll since he’s been living there (around 11 years)… I hope this will be the first of many events.”