The weather may be unseasonably warm in the UK right now, but team CSE wrapped up warm to head back to Germany this week for our annual beneficiary show at Brydon House Personnel Recovery Centre.

The team arrived in Hannover after catching red eye flights from Heathrow and Manchester.

It was all systems go as we headed straight to Normandy Barracks in Paderborn and set straight to work, transforming one of the classrooms at the PRC into a live entertainment venue and rehearsing ahead of the show that very night.

Sticking to a traditional CSE show format, the first half of the show consisted of comedy from Maff Brown and Steve Shanyaski.

After a short interval we had music from two former X Factor finalists. Kiera Weathers brought the glamour and stunned with amazing vocals and BFBS’s Jay James’ charisma shone through throughout his performance.

It was a fantastic night, WO2 Johnson, CSM Personnel Recovery Centre (Germany) said,

'The whole evening was simply fantastic, with all the acts blowing the audience away. We’ve received lots of big thanks this morning from all those that were fortunate to attend, and it was a fitting way to celebrate the Christmas period for our injured guys'.