BFBS Live Events Op Cabrit Estonia 2019
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Simultaneous Shows For OP Cabrit Delivers Essential Morale For Deployed Forces

Why do one show, when you can do two?

BFBS Live Events Op Cabrit Estonia 2019

September 2019 was very busy for the BFBS Live Events (CSE) team with two shows in the UK (Battleback Centre and Colchester PRC) and two teams were out simultaneously in both Estonia and Poland on OP CABRIT.

BFBS Live Events delivered their largest operational show of 2019 to 800 troops at Tapa Army Base in Estonia.

Personnel were coming to the end of their tour and were very much in need of some quality downtime.

The BFBS Live Events Beneficiary Fund financed a slick show with headline band 'The Altitudes', compere John Fothergill and comedian Adam Bloom.

Throw in professional production and the welfare tent was transformed into a banger of a gig, giving the soldiers an opportunity to enjoy a fun shared experience and build relationships with their French counterparts, who were also invited.

WO2 Lee Burnie, Squadron Sergeant Major, Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup, Op CABRIT (Estonia) said:

"I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic people over the years; you and your team are no exception. It’s never an easy thing to organise such a big event, especially overseas during Operations, CABRIT 4 in this case. The whole event from start to finish was seamless, which is a credit to you and your team, and communication was excellent throughout.  

"[You] did a fantastic job of managing the acts and facilitating the building of the stage and generally making the event run efficiently from start to finish, without [you] it wouldn’t have been the success it was.    

"All [the acts] were absolutely fantastic and utterly professional. The feedback I have had over the last two weeks has been only positive. The King’s Royal Hussars Battle Group is extremely grateful for a fantastic night of entertainment." 

BFBS Live Events also funded a show for troops on OP CABRIT in Poland that same weekend.

Although the number of military personnel deployed to the Bemowo Piskie Training Area was much smaller, they were an equally deserving audience. And, while the show format was scaled back to two comedians and an acoustic music duo, it still packed a punch with a brilliant night of comedy and live music to celebrate the end of the Royal Scots’ tour.

Captain Samuel Brown, Squadron Second in Command, Dragoon Troop, Op CABRIT (Poland) said:

"The acts you brought were perfectly suited to the Sqn, Paul Pirie being from Dundee was a delight for all of us based in Leuchars. Cerys Nelmes was quick and fantastic delivering content at the best level for the room. We were lucky enough to finish with both Sinead Quinn and Louise Harper who went out of their way to deliver a fantastic show for the audience, including learning new music.  

“The CSE contribution was fantastic and is an essential charity that maintains the morale of deployed forces when on operation or in camp."  

Cerys and Paul had the audience in stitches and Sinead and Louise sang all the old and new favourites, often drowned out by the booming voices of the crowd.

The aim of both of these shows was to raise morale for personnel in Estonia and Poland for varying audience sizes (800 in Estonia to 100 in Poland) and nationalities.

Delivery was funded by the BFBS Live Events Beneficiary Fund and was designed to bring everyone together, give them a shared experience in a safe place and improve wellbeing.



As a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus we make from our commercial projects goes directly into our Beneficiary Fund, which aims to improve morale and welfare of British Armed Forces personnel and their families through a variety of event and entertainment solutions.  

If you are in the military or are part of the wider military community and have a welfare requirement contact us for more information about the BFBS Beneficiary Fund and/or an application form.

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