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Royal Centre For Defence Medicine Staff Enjoy Day Of Appreciation

RCDM personnel and their families enjoyed special event designed to show thanks for their daily support to injured service personnel.

The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM) held their annual family’s day on the 31st of July at Highbury Hall, Birmingham and reached out to Forces Live Events (CSE) for help organising entertainment. 

The day was organised to say thank you and to show appreciation for the work that RCDM personnel deliver daily. Staff work tirelessly to ensure welfare needs and the clinical pathway are catered for at the highest level, which is a 24/7 service. 

During the last 12 months personnel across all services have also been deployed on worldwide operations, as well as providing standby cover for Aeromed, humanitarian relief and exercises. 

RCDM personnel have also cared for over 150 service personnel and entitled civilians who have been injured overseas or in the UK and returned to RCDM and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 

Families of RCDM personnel who are left behind while their loved ones are working unpleasant hours or deployed were also invited to enjoy the day.

The RCDM is in a unique location and the majority of their families live in isolated civilian housing throughout Birmingham, affording little opportunity to hold regular family events.  

A bouncy castle and a huge 65ft inflatable assault course were provided by the CSE Beneficiary fund as well as popcorn, candy floss and music from solo artiste Owain Pennington. 

Sgt Phil Swarbrick, RCDM Deputy Diversity and Inclusion Advisor said; 

“The event was a huge success with around 140 in attendance and luckily the weather remained dry”  

The assault course was a big hit with the kids, and the organisers even had a go before the guests had arrived.  

The live music from Owain Pennington, who has performed for CSE all over the Forces world, didn’t disappoint in the slightly more relaxed atmosphere of a family’s day and was enjoyed by everyone as they sat to enjoy a BBQ lunch. 

Sgt Phil Swarbrick went on to say;

“Since the event many of those who attended have thanked the committee for such a great afternoon and it could not have happened without the generous assistance of CSE” 



As a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus we make from our commercial projects goes directly into our Beneficiary Fund, which aims to improve morale and welfare of British Armed Forces personnel and their families through a variety of event and entertainment solutions.  

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