After the success of our Germany visit with Richard Jones earlier in the year, in October we brought things full circle and funded another visit with the Britain’s Got Talent winner, this time to Kiwi Primary School on Bulford Camp, for the opening of a new Key Stage 2 building.

Numbers have increased significantly over the last few years due to military families returning to the UK from overseas, and the school is 90% service children.

Families from 5 RIFLES who had just moved back from Paderborn, Germany were welcomed, before Richard Jones was introduced.

He performed magic tricks in the school hall which thrilled the children (and adults), then opened the new extension, built to house seven new classrooms and accommodate 150 new primary school places for children of service personnel moving to Wiltshire as part of the re-basing programme.

The event was well attended - as well as families of the school children themselves, representatives from the LEA, other local schools and the military community were also there.

Richard even stopped by the BFBS Ice Cream Van!