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CSE favourite Lance Corporal Richard Jones, famous for being the only magician to ever win Britain's Got Talent in 2016, has appeared on ITV's Lorraine singing our praises.

Interviewed by Christine Lampard, he spoke about the hugely successful magic tour he recently completed with Forces Live Events CSE, visiting several bases in Kabul, and the experiences he had with those deployed on Ops.

Not only did Richard big up CSE's morale-boosting efforts, his video of the crowds going crazy in Afghanistan was broadcast, which just happens to feature CSE’s very own Angie Avlianos and a huge CSE banner in the background, all on live prime-time TV.

“It was one of the most appreciative audiences I think I have ever performed for. I teamed up with an organisation called CSE who put on shows for the military all around the world … and it was just an incredible audience … there were packed out rooms every night and they were really up for a good laugh.”

The audience mainly consisted of UK troops, but there was also a coalition presence with members of the Armed Forces hailing from Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and the USA among others. Across the week, around 1,000 deployed personnel were entertained.