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A Double Whammy Morale Boost For Bovington Armour Centre

Giving back to soldiers and families pre and post-deployment at Allenby Barracks

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a stop to all large-scale events this summer, including military occasions.

Sakina Bugge, BFBS Live Events (formerly CSE) Events and Marketing Co-ordinator, takes a look back at how Bovington Armour Centre was rewarded in 2019.

BFBS Live Events delivered a double whammy morale boost at the Armour Centre (ARMCEN), Allenby Barracks, Bovington Camp last summer under the CSE brand.

First, the BFBS Live Events team put on a banger of a ‘festival’ for the Warrant Officer and Sgts Mess Summer Function.

BFBS Live Events (CSE) provided stage, production and three fantastic acts – Simon Walker, Hot Shots and Coyote Band, who all had the audience singing and dancing the night away.

Several attendees said it was 'the best Mess do ever’.

They clearly meant it because, a couple of days later, BFBS Live Events were asked to get involved with their September Families Day ‘Picnic In The Park’.

The BFBS Live Events Beneficiary Fund paid for the headline act Brainscape, a magician and kids entertainment. Event Liaison, WO1 Steve Lassman said:

“The last few years have been more focused on people delivering [the families day] - soldiers working hard. This year I turned the focus on, well let’s put the money to the entertainment.

"Let’s have families come here and truly enjoy a day where you can relax and just enjoy the day.

"Thankfully we put a one-pager into CSE, and CSE have looked after us, they really have."

“CSE have helped us out 40-50% they’ve provided for us and they’ve really looked after us.

"We’ve got a number of different things here we’ve got three bands on the stage ... we’ve got a lot going on for the whole community today.”

BFBS Live Events also delivered stage, production and two other live music acts – Minibar Disaster and Sinead Quinn.

This is the only event that all serving members can bring their families to during their busy time at the Armour Centre.

The aim of ‘Picnic In The Park’ was to give something back to both the soldiers working within the garrison and their families. 

Most soldiers are posted to ARMCEN for a bit of respite away from Regimental duties and are either due to deploy on operations once their posting at The Armour Centre has finished, or they have just arrived back from operations with their own unit.

Bovington is a very remote location with lack of welfare support and facilities.

Commander Amour Centre, Colonel Jonathan Brooking said:

“It brings us together as a unit and it enables the families to come out and have a good time, courtesy of yourselves and BFBS and CSE and everybody else who is contributing to this today.

"And then collectively have a time together where we can say thank you to our families through days like today which is incredibly important”.

ARMCEN not only supports Viking SQN (Marines) but is one of the largest Phase 2/3 training establishments. Training is delivered throughout the year, meaning soldiers don’t receive a stand-down period.

Soldiers/instructors spend two years at ARMCEN, undertaking and delivering training and deploying competent and capable soldiers into Field Army.

ARMCEN aim to hold a garrison event once a year to support unit cohesion and reward soldiers and their families for their hard work over the year.



As a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus we make from our commercial projects goes directly into our Beneficiary Fund, which aims to improve morale and welfare of British Armed Forces personnel and their families through a variety of event and entertainment solutions. 

If you are in the military or are part of the wider military community and have a welfare requirement contact us for more information about the BFBS Beneficiary Fund and/or an application form

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