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CSE Rocks Akrotiri Primary School Ahead Of Aki 10s Rugby Party

These kids know how to dance to warm up the party for the Akrotiri 10s rugby competition

This is the moment that is sure to bring a cheer to parents’ hearts everywhere – children dancing their little socks off as Forces Live Events, CSE, rocks Cyprus ahead of the Akrotiri 10s rugby competition.

Like revellers at a rock festival, the youngsters at Akrotiri Primary School danced like no one was watching to a host of cover songs such as Walk The Moon’s Shut Up and Dance and Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, performed by professional live band The Dominos.

Military entertainment specialists Forces Live Events, CSE, organised the end-of-term treat for the school during a visit to Cyprus, before the main party the next day for the famous rugby competition, known as the Aki 10s.

CSE AKI Primary School May 2019 Dominos Performance

While they were there for the rugby party, the events team offered to put on the special concert for the school to give the youngsters a morale-boosting party to celebrate the end of term.

School staff jumped at the chance -  setting up a stage and sound system in the school playground. 

Angie Avlianos, CSE Events Manager, who took the tour party out to Cyprus, said the show acted as an ideal warm-up gig before the big Aki 10s concert.

She said: “The children were on their feet dancing pretty much as soon as the band started playing.

“Their pure, heartfelt joy was infectious. Seeing the children dancing like there's no one watching genuinely makes my heart happy. 

“It’s gigs like this that remind us what an important part live entertainment plays amongst our military communities.” 

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CSE AKI Primary School May 2019 Dominos Performance

Victoria Flynn, Arts Curriculum Team Leader at Akrotiri School, said: 

“They absolutely loved it. They were all up dancing, joining in, singing along.

“They had a fantastic time.” 

CSE AKI 10s May 2019 The Dominos Onstage

The following day, the events team faced a very different crowd of rugged rugby revellers at the Aki 10s final party.

The dance turntables came out when DJ Humf, a well-known voice in Cyprus for his work with BFBS Radio, kicked off the night with a mix on the decks before The Dominos took over.

The band performed a blistering set of tunes to keep the crowd jumping for the rest of the night.

The Dominos’ singer Natasha Lusted said:

“We absolutely love doing shows for the military and it doesn’t get any better than this - the crowd were so appreciative and great fun to play for.” 

CSE AKI 10s May 2019 The Dominos Onstage

WO Kev Skinner, head of the Aki 10s planning committee, offered a “huge thank you” to CSE for providing the entertainment and to the trustees of broadcasting corporation SSVC for providing the funding for the shows.

He said: “It is support like this that enables the Aki Rugby Tens to have such a spectacular finale.

“It was an incredible night and as usual CSE did us proud with such a great band and production set up!” 

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