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CSE Falklands Tour: The Dancers Are Back

CSE goes on tour to the Falkland Islands with epic show featuring comedy, live music and the amazing dancers, all in support of the RAF 100...

Harking back to the good old CSE tour days, this Easter, the forces live entertainment provider recently returned from an epic four-day tour of the Falkland Islands in celebration of RAF 100.

Earlier in the year, Flying Officer Jack Aldus contacted CSE to find out if any live entertainment support could be provided for their RAF celebrations.

With help from the beneficiary fund, Tour Manager Angie Avlianos put together a fantastic line up including CSE comedy veterans Nick Page and Paul Pirie, energetic 4-piece band Brainscape, a stellar production team and, making a very popular comeback, the CSE dancers.

After an unscheduled stopover in Cape Verde, the team arrived in the Falklands where the fun could commence.

CSE band Brainstorm play to a rocking Falklands crowd
CSE band Brainscape play to a rocking Falklands crowd

Four shows were delivered over the course of the week, including a family-friendly matinee event and a show at the notorious Gull and Penguin.

Over 800 personnel attended the three-day event, roaring with laughter at the comedy and dancing with abandon to the band.

The dancers were a big hit and even made time to chat with their new fans and pose for photos following every show.

“From the kids laughing their heads off, to the officers rocking out, being a part of the RAF 100th Anniversary was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget! Thanks CSE!” - Sarah Miller, CSE Dancer

“Amazing gigs, and knowing that we had nearly 90% of the base personnel through the doors felt pretty special. Happy hundredth RAF.” – Nick Page, CSE Comedian

By all accounts, a fantastic experience was had by all and CSE hopes to return to the Islands to deliver more shows in the future.

“The immensely successful CSE Show package, delivered at MPC as part of the overall RAF100 celebrations, provided a significant morale boast for all personnel on base. Countless people have complemented the professional quality of all the acts that delivered an exceptionally fun show. For many, this has been their favourite military event and we managed to get in excess of 800 BFSAI personnel through the doors over the four shows. This was well beyond any expectations. In addition, our fundraising activities during the shows raised over £2,100 for Stoke Mandeville’s Neo-Natal Unit. We look forward to a return visit from the CSE team in the future.”  - Flying Officer Jack Aldus, Falkland Islands