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British Forces School In Germany Celebrates Ahead Of Troop Drawdown With TV Show Faces

Watch: The Attenborough school in Germany put on a farewell show with popular acts from British TV and parent dance-offs

Special guests were flown to Germany by Forces Live Events (CSE) to put on entertainment for the deserving children at Attenborough School, Sennelager, before their families are re-located to bases across the UK, Cyprus and other locations.

The appearances were funded by the CSE Beneficiary Fund.

Shellyann Evans at Attenborough School Germany Closing BBQ

Welsh singer Shellyann Evans was not only this year’s winner of BBC 1s All Together Now (fronted by former Spice Girl Geri Horner, who described Shellyann’s voice as ‘incredible and magical’), but she has many family connections to the military giving her an insight and understanding into the challenges forces families and children sometimes face. 

Shellyann was fabulous with the kids and invited them onstage from the beginning. She also got the military Mums and Dads involved in a dance-off.

Perfoming for the children, Jay Rawlings delivered a unique walkabout set blending magic, balancing and juggling with just the right touch of humour.

Jay recently appeared on ITVs Britain’s Got Talent, smashing a Guinness World Record during his appearance and making it through to the second round. His online clip has since been watched over 400,000 times.

Jay's performance in Germany follows successful performances for the British Forces in Brunei,  Aldershot and Bournemouth War Memorial Homes.

Head Teacher of Attenborough School, Alex Thorp enjoyed the day and said: 

“This is the Attenborough School Summer BBQ, it’s an annual event but it’s even more special this year because it’s our last one before heading back to the UK, or off to Cyprus or other places.

" [it's] really, really special because we managed to get CSE here with us, which brings it to life for the children, but also for the parents and just gives them that little bit of an exciting send off before we all disappear."

Shellyann Evans at Attenborough School Germany Closing BBQ

The school also organised their own elements including BBQ, a tombola, ice-cream bar and face painting.

CSE chose to support this year’s event and enhance the school provision after receiving a very compelling application for beneficiary funding.

Shellyann Evans at Attenborough School Germany Closing BBQ

With the school practically closing, the majority of children face re-basing across countries due to the British Military drawdown in Germany. 

The drawdown will see the primary school roll drop from 300 plus to around 40 children.

The children have had limited exposure to British culture and live entertainment, and in some cases they may have never lived in the UK, as well as enduring the usual separations from their serving parent.

Shellyann Evans at Attenborough School Germany Closing BBQ

One of the regiments within the school catchment are partway through a training year, meaning they will have been separated from their families for most of the year by the time training ends, then they will undertake a six month deployment.

The event recognised and celebrated 300 children aged 3-10 years old and their parents at this milestone for the school. Alex Thorp summed up the event:

“It has been great, the children are up on the stage, they’re enjoying the song, the music. The magician has been wonderful and it’s just really brought our event to a great close.”

Jay Rawlings at Attenborough School Germany CSE Beneficiary Event

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