Queen's Colour Squadron Windsor Changing the Guard.
King Charles

RAF's Queen's Colour Squadron becomes King's Colour Squadron

Queen's Colour Squadron Windsor Changing the Guard.

The Queen's Colour Squadron of the Royal Air Force has become The King's Colour Squadron to recognise the new monarch.

The RAF tweeted to confirm King Charles had agreed the re-designation.

The King's Colour Squadron represents the RAF at the Cenotaph and the State Opening of Parliament, and has performed its Continuity Drill Displays at public and military events in the UK and across the world.

Many of the regiments and corps of the Armed Forces take the name of the monarch.

Some refer to generic Kings and Queens, not specifically to Queen Elizabeth II, and these regiments have not had to change their names since Her Majesty's passing.

But the units which specifically refer to Queen Elizabeth, such as the RAF Queen's Colour Squadron, have changed to the King – so the RAF King's Colour Squadron, to recognise King Charles III.

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