New Film Tells True Story Of Battle Of Britain Squadron

Iwan Rheon's character during the film (Image: Kaleidoscope).

A film honouring the Polish pilots who helped Britain win the Battle of Britain is to be released this week.

'Hurricane' tells the story of 303 Squadron which was predominantly made up of Polish pilots who came to Britain to fight alongside the RAF in the Battle of Britain.

During the Nazi invasion, Polish personnel made up a total of 15 squadrons.

hurricane credit kaleidoscope
On the set of 'Hurricane' (Image: Kaleidoscope).

Director of the film, David Blair, said when first being sent the script he felt rather indifferent, because "it was a World War Two story and there are quite a few of those".

However, he says the relatively unknown nature of the story is what attracted him to the film: "I thought I should have known about this and I didn't, and that was really the contribution these guys had made.

"I knew there were Polish serviceman that had fought and all that, I just hadn't realised the extent of their contribution, particularly in the Battle of Britain."

"If you are taking down 20% of the aircraft there is an argument that you may not have won without them."

The film's cast includes Iwan Rheon and Milo Gibson.

Gibson takes on the role of Canadian fighter ace "John A. Kent ‘Kentowski". He gave his thoughts on the film:

"It's not just straight in-your-face war, it's really about what's going on on the ground and what's happening in these people's lives and how they feel about this and what's going on, which was very interesting for me to see."

hurricane credit kaleidoscope
Gibson on set (image: Kaleidoscope).

David and Milo also spoke about the role the women played in the RAF.

The female cast members got to meet a 95-year-old woman who worked in the bunker and she told them about her experience during the war.

Discussing the female characters in the film, David described the organic way they were featured: 

 "We tried to make them bold characters in their own right. They may not have been huge parts but they made a huge contribution and that is important."

This is something that Milo echoed:

"I think in real life they did make a huge contribution to it all.

"They were plotting for us, telling us where they were and where we were, it is a very important job and they stepped up as they were capable of doing it, you know they are smart enough they are capable enough at a lot of things and at that time they weren't thought of like that."

milo gibson credit PA
Milo Gibson at the premiere of 'Hacksaw Ridge' in LA (Image: PA Images).

For Milo this is the second military movie he has appeared in after taking on the role of Lucky Ford in 2016's Oscar nominated Hacksaw Ridge.

However he isn't sure he will be following in his father, Mel Gibson's, footsteps in the world of Military movies:

"I'm open to all sorts of stuff, I'm not locked into just strict military. If something touches me on a visceral level and it means something deep to me and it speaks to me then I would love to do it".

The film will be released on Friday, 7 September.