Crash site detective: What happened to Halifax NP711?

Watch: Crash site detective: What happened to Halifax NP711?

A Dutch Marine Corps veteran with a passion for archeology is honouring the memories of Second World War men who died in plane crashes by investigating the sites and doggedly searching for their relatives to let them know they have been found. 

Using metal detectors, extreme attention to detail and the military knowledge he acquired during his service, Erik Wieman has discovered 11 long-forgotten World War Two crash sites and located another 15 downed aircraft that he hopes to positively identify.  

Mr Wieman's painstaking work brings to light the secrets surrounding the disappearance of Allied pilots, and some German aviators, who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

In a new documentary - Crash site detective: What happened to Halifax NP711? - Forces News joins the crash site investigator as he attempts to locate the exact spot where a Halifax heavy bomber crashed in February 1945 during a mission over Nazi Germany.

Seven men from 408 "Goose" Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force died in the devastating crash, including 20-year-old RAF airman Flight Engineer Sergeant James Wilson. 

In the documentary, Mr Wieman uses his military knowledge and his past as a private detective to track down the evidence needed to pinpoint the exact location where Flight NP711 came down in flames.

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