'A War of Two Halves': The Hearts Players Who Fought In The Great War

Sixteen Hearts players and 500 fans from the terraces volunteered for the Western Front.

Set in the home of the Scottish Premiership team, Heart of Midlothian, 'A War of Two Halves' follows the Hearts players who volunteered for the front line. 

They were all-conquering on the football field, winning their first eight matches of the 1914-15 season.

But the Hearts team were soon to hang up their football boots and pick up a rifle to fight in the famous McCrae’s Battalion.

'A War of Two Halves' Play Hearts

Colonel Sir George McCrae tasked himself with raising 1,000 soldiers for the war effort.

Sixteen Hearts players volunteered, followed by 500 fans from the terraces.

The play follows the players from volunteering to their basic training, through to the fighting on the Western Front. 

'A War of Two Halves' Play Hearts

Seven players from the Hearts side would never return from their service to the football field.

Bryan Low, who plays Colonel Sir George McCrae said:

"A lot of people in the football circles know the story but I think it’s important to bring it to a wider audience."

Footballers from Dunfermline, Raith Rovers and Kilmarnock were also killed in action.

The home of Heart of Midlothian has changed a lot over the years - but the McCrae’s Battalion is still fondly remembered by the club and supporters.

It is hoped this play will help ensure their sacrifice is never forgotten.