'All Quiet on the Western Front': remake of classic film based on WWI book coming to Netflix on Friday

Netflix's remake of a film about the stress and trauma experienced by German soldiers in the First World War is coming to the streaming platform on Friday 28 October. 

'All Quiet on the Western Front' was written by German veteran Erich Maria Remarque, and has been portrayed in cinemas several times since its initial adaptation with the same name in 1930.

Military historian and author Rupert Wieloch told Forces News why it is an important film for modern audiences. 

Mr Wieloch said: "The service charities in Britain at the moment are having great difficulty fighting their cause for funding.

"I think that something like this film will help them in jogging people's memories about how dreadful the psychological impact of WW1 was – and the soldiers who have come back from Afghanistan and the frontline for the past 10 or 15 years.

"I do feel that what we saw in Afghanistan was pretty tough, so I think the soldiers who served in Sangin and Helmand, who served from 2006 until we withdrew, would have experienced something similar to the fear and trepidation that the young soldiers in the Western Front felt."

The film is currently in cinemas across the country and is coming to Netflix in time for weekend viewing.