Games Of Remembrance Sir Bobby Charlton with the British Army Football Team Crown Copyright

Games Of Remembrance: The Brilliant Way Football Remembers

What has the internet been saying about the Games Of Remembrance?

Games Of Remembrance Sir Bobby Charlton with the British Army Football Team Crown Copyright

With less than a week to go until the Games Of Remembrance, the internet is ramping up with excitement for the biggest football commemoration of the end of the First World War.

On Thursday, November 8, British Army and German Armed Forces teams will play football matches to mark the centenary and to pay respect to the many men and women, civilian and military, who lost their lives during the First World War.

The games also signify the strong bonds which now exist between the two nations.

Notts County Football Club is hosting the women's game from midday and Nottingham Forest Football Club is hosting the men's match from 7pm.

Arsenal ladies forward Kelly Smith, who is England's record goalscorer with 46 goals, is looking forward to the Games Of Remembrance. She said:

"The story of women, football and the war is little known.

"It was difficult for the injured returning home to accept the idea of women playing ‘their’ game - but the war had forced an unstoppable change in the role of women in society.

"It took us a long time to bring women’s football back to the top of sports agenda - and we still have a way to go."

The British Army football team have been training hard so that when they come up against their German counterparts they can defeat them, unlike last year. Head Coach of the British Army Men's football team, Captain Shaun Birchnall said:

"Having lost last year, out in Germany, we're certainly coming for revenge this year."

WATCH the full interview in the Twitter video below...

In the short video below Stoke City and England goalkeeper Jack Butland pays tribute to Lance Corporal Leigh Richmond Roose who played 147 games for Stoke and made 24 appearances for Wales.

LCpl Roose died while serving in the Royal Fusiliers on the Western Front on October 7 1916. His body was never recovered.

In the clip below, Guardsman Cameron McClendon, while on tour in Afghanistan, pays tribute to Corporal William Henry Lloyd who played for Tottenham Hotspur.

Corporal Lloyd was killed in action on November 7, 1914, while serving in 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards.