Tea And Medals Podcast: The DFC-Winning Brothers Killed Hours Apart In WW2

The BFBS podcast takes to the Battle of Britain skies in the latest episode.

The latest bonus episode of podcast series Tea and Medals has been released, this time focusing on the brave flying antics of Battle of Britain heroes 'The Few'.

Talking to medals expert Mark Smith, BFBS’ Darren Coventry learns more about winners of Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC), a medal awarded more than 20,000 times during World War Two.

Their conversation unearths the remarkable story of DFC-winning brothers Patrick and Tony Jones.

Watch the full-length Teas and Medals chat between Darren and RAF Helicopter Pilot Flight Lieutenant Michelle Goodman.

In the episode, Mark tells Darren that one of the brothers, Tony, secured a position in the Royal Air Force in 1939 after cheating his way through an eye test. In battle, the pilot would secretly wear specially crafted lenses in his flying goggles to help him see enemy Messerschmitts.

The goggles obviously worked, as both brothers achieved Ace status in their respective Hurricane aircraft – a title reserved for the pilots with the most confirmed hits on enemy pilots.

Mark later reveals a poignant end to the story of the Jones brothers, explaining that both men lost their lives bailing out of their Hurricanes within 24 hours of each other. A sombre conclusion to an extraordinary story.

Medals expert Mark Smith discusses the DFC and some notable recipients in the latest bonus episode of Tea and Medals - More Tea: Many Medals for The Few.

Elsewhere in this bonus edition of the Teas and Medals Podcast, Mark explains the process of tallying up confirmed hits and how a pilots’ skill would be recorded for decorative purposes.

You can listen to the episode – More Tea: Many Medals for The Few – by clicking here or visiting whichever podcast provider you use. Just click on the buttons below.

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