Leger Holidays: Airborne forces in Normandy on D-Day (sponsored content 2019)
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D-Day: Tour Company Offers Chance To Walk In Heroes' Footsteps On The Battlefields

Visit, Understand, Never Forget - tours to take you from the pages of history to the places where the battles took place

Leger Holidays: Airborne forces in Normandy on D-Day (sponsored content 2019)

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A leading provider of specialist escorted tours is giving people the chance to walk in the footsteps of heroes - with guided battlefield tours through the key locations of D-Day.

As the nation unites to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, those joining one of the tours by Leger Battlefields will get a first-hand experience of the environments where the key battles of D-Day played out, as they are guided through the sites that defined the historic wartime assault on German forces.

The tours aim to give visitors an understanding of the sacrifice made by the Armed Forces in defence of our nations, our freedoms, and their bravery.

Leger Holidays: Liberation Route British soldiers at Arnhem 1945. Sponsored content 2019
Liberation Route British soldiers at Arnhem, 1945

Visit, Understand, Never Forget

There are moments to reflect and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, with visits to cemeteries, memorials and museums, while the history of the D-Day operation and its importance to our way of life today is also reflected during the excursions.

The tours are accompanied by a specialist and experienced guide with an in-depth knowledge of the operation, as visitors are taken through some of the places where British and Allied forces fought to liberate occupied land.

Paul Reed, Leger Battlefields Tours Head Guide, said: “A visit to the battlefields takes you from the pages of history to the places where it all took place.

“Among the graves and memorials, you can really appreciate what sacrifice means, and comprehend the bravery of all those men and women who gave their all.”

Guided tours offer people an opportunity to understand our nation’s history, or their own family history, by vising the battlefield sites and places where history was made.

One of the D-Day beaches explored by the Leger Holiday's tour
One of the D-Day beaches explored by the Leger Holiday's tour.

Leger Battlefields offer a series of tours that invite visitors to embark on a journey of remembrance and discovery – whether that is visiting First or Second World War battlefields or sites from other significant wars.

This includes Waterloo, The American Civil War, the Boer and Zulu Wars of South Africa to the Flanders Fields, the Somme battlefields or the beaches of Normandy.

The company introduced battlefield tours back in 1997, starting with introductory tours to WWI (All Quiet on the Western Front) and WW2 (D-Day Landings in Normandy) and now offer more than 80 tours including a D-Day 75th Anniversary Tour.

Churchill AVRE Memorial, Juno Beach, Normandy. Leger Holidays sponsored content 2019
Churchill AVRE Memorial, Juno Beach, Normandy.

Leger Holidays’ D-Day Landings in Normandy tour explores how June 6, 1944, was a turning point in the Second World War with the Allied landings on the Normandy coast during Operation Overlord – the invasion of mainland Europe.

On what is the company’s main World War Two introductory tour, visitors are taken through some of the most iconic D-Day locations on visits to all the D-Day landing beaches along the Normandy coastline.

The tour also takes in the site of the Pegasus Bridge glider landing - which was part of Operation Deadstick to capture, intact, two road bridges across the River Orne and the Caen Canal that provided the only exit eastwards for British forces from their landing on Sword Beach.

It also includes a visit to St. Mère Eglise – where the legendary American para regiment Easy Company that became known as the ‘Band of Brothers', as portrayed in the hit US HBO drama, retook the town following a raging firefight.

St. Mère Eglise is also the site of one fabled incident in the D-Day story that later became cemented into the national psyche – when the parachute of paratrooper John Steele, of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, became snagged on the town church spire, as portrayed in the 1962 epic war film The Longest Day.

For more information on the Ledger's Battlefield Tours, visit www.legerbattlefields.co.uk or call 01709 385 900 to explore the options or make a booking.