Aviation History

Celebrity Chinook newest addition at museum

A 'celebrity' Chinook has gone on display at the RAF Museum in Cosford after 40 years of service.

Regarded as the country's most famous helicopter, Bravo November was one of the first 30 Chinooks to enter service when they were introduced into the Royal Air Force in 1978.

The Chinook was the only one to survive conflict in the Falklands and has served in every conflict since.

As a veteran of the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan, Bravo November has seen four of its pilots awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) for actions while at her controls.

The Chinook has been put on public display for the first time for the nation's Falklands 40 anniversary celebrations.

Now the museum is asking anyone else with memories from her past to come forward and share their stories.