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Commanding Officer's Silver Bugle Competition

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RG) have held their Commanding Officer’s Silver Bugle Competition.

Drummer Gavin Moxworthy was selected as the winner and will have the privilege of becoming the CO’s Bugler at official events over the next year.

The Silver Bugle Trophy is awarded to the best bugler in the Corps of Drums and, although it hasn’t been presented for ten years, it is something that Lt Col David King, Commanding Officer of the RG, is keen to reinstate.

Silver Bugle trophy

Forces Radio Presenter Hayley Hammond spoke to him about the history of the award which was originally given to the RG by the Royal Green Jackets, the last UK based regular infantry battalion to be sent to Gibraltar.

“There’s a good heritage behind it, the Royal Jackets were always and now in their current incarnation as the Rifles, they still are very much a bugling regiment... we share that amongst our respective regiments so it’s very appropriate that they gave that to us.”

Drummer Moxworthy

Lt Col King formed part of a panel of judges, along with Adjutant Captain Elvis Pearce and the Bandmaster WO1 Richard Burton, who listened to the competitors’ bugle calls from behind a screen to ensure impartiality.

 “The man who won it, Drummer Moxworthy, he sent a tingle down our spines with his bugle calls.”

Judging panel bugle competition

Dmr Moxworthy said he felt “very privileged and honoured” to receive the award after serving for more than 27 years in the Royal Marines and only being temporarily based in Gibraltar.

“I’m quite honoured I could achieve that while I was here.”

silver bugle competition

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