Hear These Adorable Forces Children Sing Musical Hit The Greatest Show

Watch as children of Armed Forces families in locations around the world sing The Greatest Showman song

Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for – like the lyrics go -  as these children of Armed Forces families around the world sing a brilliant rendition of hit musical number The Greatest Show.

It’s not hard to imagine these children could rewrite the stars as they perform this adorable version of one of the songs from the blockbuster 2017 film musical The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman and a star-studded cast.

Teachers, assistants, radio presenters and children from across the Forces world spent weeks planning, rehearsing and filming to sing the movie’s The Greatest Show song.

Brownies in Germany

A chorus of children in locations across the world – from Brunei to Canada and from Cyprus to the Falkland Islands - joined up to sing, and the result is this video of a reimagined Greatest Showman musical.

Children in Scotland

Seven locations, 300 forces children, one song – the combined efforts from all who took part created this fantastic singalong.

The prospect of getting groups of children all over the world to sing together might have seemed a huge challenge but everyone involved believed in the words of the song “the impossible is coming true” as they celebrated the story of P. T. Barnum, one of America’s most fondly remembered showmen.


The Greatest Show video was produced as part of a Forces Radio BFBS and BFBS TV project in March and premiered on BFBS Extra on Mother’s Day.

Brunei get singing

After a huge response from those that saw it on TV, it is now online for all to enjoy.

Children in Canada

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