Outlander Producer Guy Tannahill Provides Tips On Making A Great Video

Read film and television producer Guy Tannahill's top five tips on how to make a winning video

TV and film producer Guy Tannahill - known for his work on major television shows and blockbuster movies - has shared his expert advice on how to make a fantastic video as BFBS launches a creativity competition that both adults and children can take part in.

The producer has worked on a host of major films and television series including Mission Impossible, Hannibal Rising, Game Of Thrones, The Last Kingdom, His Dark Materials and hit TV series Outlander, which aired on Starz in America and Amazon Prime in the UK.

Tannahill is judging our BFBS 'Forces Voices' creativity competition and has  provided some professional tips on how to make a great video for those entering the competition - and anyone else that wants to get creative.

BFBS's 'Forces Voices’ creativity competition aims to get adults and children to share their ‘stay home’ creative masterpieces and be in with the chance of winning £500 worth of Amazon vouchers - you can enter the competition here.


Top 5 Tips 

  1. Tell a good story. 
  2. Film is a visual medium. Use it. Understand that dialogue is not everything images are. 
  3. Tell your story by including but also by omitting, sometimes what is not seen or said is stronger. 
  4. Do not be afraid to try anything. 
  5. Prepare and think first. 


Guy Tannahill’s film and television career spans more than 30 years and has included Hollywood blockbusters, critically acclaimed independent features and award-winning high-end television drama.

As a line producer, other highlights have included Girl With a Pearl Earring starring Colin Firth and Scarlet Johansson, David Cronenberg’s Spider, and Beyond the Sea, starring Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth.

He line produced eight episodes of the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones and Tannahill is currently producing the Golden Globe-nominated US TV drama series Outlander.

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