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Army Photographer Of The Year Gives Her Top Photography Tips

rebecca Brown

An Army Photographer has shared her expert advice on how to capture inspiring images as BFBS launches a creativity competition that both adults and children can take part in.

Army Photographer of the Year winner Corporal Rebecca Brown is judging our BFBS 'Forces Voices' creativity competition and has kindly provided some professional tips on how to take a great photo for those entering the competition - and anyone else that wants to get creative with their camera.

Forces Voices

BFBS's 'Forces Voices’ creativity competition aims to get adults and children to share their ‘stay home’ creative masterpieces and be in with the chance of winning £500 worth of Amazon vouchers - you can enter the competition here

Tip One


Try finding unique view points by looking up at things or get up high and look down on something. 

Rebecca Brown Tip One

Tip Two


Don’t be afraid to lay down low and shoot level with the subject.

This works great when photographing pets and children. 

Rebecca Brown tip 2

Tip Three


Look for bright colours that stand out.

When using more than one colour, refer to a colour wheel to see which colours complement each other. 

Rebecca Brown Tip 3

Tip Four


Using reflections in glass, mirrors and water can help create interesting portraits. 

Rebecca - Reflections (do not use again)

Tip Five


You don’t need fancy lights to create imagery.

Try using natural light near a window to light your subject. 

Rebecca Natural light (do not use again)

Tip Six


Contrast can be used to make an interesting image.

Look for contrast in colour as well as contrasting subjects. 

Rebecca - contrast do not use again)

 About Corporal Rebecca Brown

As a keen amateur photographer, Becky completed the Unit Specialist Camera Operator course at the Defence School of Photography, Cosford. 

Acting as the Regimental Photographer, Becky had images printed in various publications and won the Amateur Portrait Category at the Army Photography Competition in 2015.

With a natural eye and a passion for photography Becky decided to pursue a career in photography.

Rebecca Brown Image (do not use again)

In 2017 Becky left the Royal Army Medical Corp transferring into the Royal Logistic Corp Photographic Trade.

In her new role as a combat photographer based in Andover, Corporal Brown has deployed to Poland, The USA, Lithuania, The Falkland Islands, Afghanistan, France and Kenya. 

After only two years in the Photographic Trade, Becky was crowned Army Photographer of the Year 2019. 

Rebecca Brown-"Welsh Warrior" do not use again

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