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Lockdown Written Word / Audio: Under 18s Honourable Mention

Here is one of the honourable mentions for the under 18s written word / audio category in our Forces Voices creativity competition

During the height of lockdown, we asked you and your kids to get creative in photography, arts & crafts, videography and written word/audio as part of our Forces Voices competition.

All written word/audio entries were judged by Amanda Prowse, a forces wife and International Bestselling author who has had twenty-four novels and six novellas published in dozens of languages around the world. 

Here is one of the under 18 honourable mentions and the story behind it.

Millie Collier: Super Noodle The Golden Doodle

"Inspired by my dog, Oreo and my favourite author in the world, David Walliams."

Chapter 1

The Mysterious Figure

Once upon a time there was a dog, not just any old dog, oh no, this dog was a golden doodle! And not just any old golden doodle, oh no, this was Super Noodle The Golden Doodle!

And as you probably already guessed he literally was Super.

He had the power to hypnotise anybody with his cuteness so he was pretty spoiled with his solid gold dog bone, pure diamond dog basket and the softest most comfy silk to go in the pure diamond dog basket, just to name a few of thousands upon millions of stuff that he most certainly did not need.

The day our story starts he was trying to chew one of his solid gold dog bones, when the doorbell rang. As always maid rushed to it, her black and white uniform flapping uncontrollably as she did so.

When she opened the door, she met with an unexpected face! It wasn’t the postman delivering fan mail, nor a tourist, or a journalist wanting to interview and have a selfie, it wasn’t a tidal wave of fans trying to get a selfie too.

Well that was what it usually was, but this mysterious figure was definitely not any of the above. SNTGD started to get quite curious considering he only got fans at his door. I don’t blame him because this mysterious figure was actually a clown but of course he didn’t know that.

Maid greeted him politely and asked him what he wanted, the clown said he wanted a private word with SNTGD of course SNTGD did not like this idea one bit because he wanted to carry on chewing his solid gold dog bone. But maid picked him up and ushered the clown into the meeting room then she put SNTGD down then she hurried out and closed the door after her. She obviously knew he would walk straight out if she didn’t after all maid was not stupid.

Anyway, as soon as maid left, the clown had a very serious look on his face then suddenly he spoke “Wot ave you been doin to all the bloomin people in the ole intire world? Coz I’m suspecting your ipnotising everyone wich is why I’m wearin these bloomin contacts!”

SNTGD was stunned into silence. How did this strange man know his deepest, darkest secret? He started to bark louder and louder he was so frustrated he barely knew what he was doing. The clown didn’t like that barking at all, suddenly he shoved the poor dog into a sack and ran straight out the meeting room, out the grand doors and down the street and then he was gone.

Maid had seen them leave and started screaming at the very top of her voice! Once she realised it was no use, she ran to the limo outside got in the driver’s seat and was off.

Chapter 2

Which Way?             

She was just heading in the direction she saw the evil clown head when she saw something terrible … A FORK TURN!

Meanwhile, SNTGD and the evil clown had gone left at the fork turn and were heading for the evil clowns’ super-secret HQ! That is where he hides.

Anyway, back to maid. She chose right, or rather the wrong way …

She had been going that way for five minutes at 70mph when she started to think that she had chosen the wrong way, when the petrol light flashed red!

Just when she started to panic that there wouldn’t be a petrol station, she saw one coming up ahead. She slammed on the breaks just in time, then she parked rather neatly in one of the slots. She got out ready to put in fuel when she stopped.

She saw a woman that looked strangely familiar … then it came to her! IT WAS HER LONG-LOST SISTER CLEANER!

Maid rushed towards her and flung her short arms around her! Cleaner obviously recognised her sister, for she flung her arms around her too! After that maid explained all that had happened and asked her sister if she would go with her on a mission to find SNTGD. Cleaner agreed, so they filled up the limo and left together.

Chapter 3

Together Forever

“Oh, cleaner I’ve missed you ever so much!”

“I know, maid! I have missed you so much I think I could just about explode!”

“Anyways” said maid. “we should really be concentrating on finding SNTGD”

“And the evil clown!” added cleaner, rather unhelpfully. “so, you caught a glimpse of what he looked like, right?” Asked cleaner.

Maid thought for a moment. “No” she said.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN “NO”?” shouted cleaner.

“You haven’t let me finish, cleaner” said maid, rather calmly.

“Sorry” whispered cleaner, feeling more than a little bit embarrassed.

“I did see something very important if we want to solve this case” said maid.

“REALLY?!” said cleaner feeling very excited.

“Yes, I saw that on his bare wrist, there was a tattoo. Now, this particular tattoo just so happened to be in the daily paper.”

“Are you serious?!”

“Mhm! Now, it said that coppers had identified it as a sign of a thief.”

“Then why in the world would you let him in?”

“I only saw it as he was leaving!”

“Oh” sighed cleaner.

“But in that paper, it also had the location of their top-secret HQ!”

Chapter 4

Top Secret HQ

Meanwhile, with the evil clown and SNTGD they had arrived at the HQ and were heading towards the big, steel doors.

The evil clown took off his mask, he looked rather skinny, to be honest. Anyway, he took off his mask, and started chanting strange words, they went like this:

“By name and law of thievery, ye shall open ye doors!”

Now these words had been passed down for generations of thieves. The doors opened, and out popped a … Butler?

Wearing a dashing … designer suit?! The evil clown walked in showing not a single sign of surprise, the place was absolutely massive, plus it looked like Buckingham Palace or something.

It had: crystal chandeliers, flat-screen TV’s, chaise longues, four-poster-beds and every single thief in there was dressed in the most expensive, fancy suits! What’s more, they all talked like absolute poshos! (unlike the evil clown.)

Chapter 5

The Truth

Surprisingly, the evil clown took SNTGD out of the bag and placed him on an extremely long chaise longue. Of course, SNTGD seized his chance, he tried to push past the evil clown, but the evil clown was too fast! He grabbed SNTGD and put him back on the chaise longue.

Next, the evil clown said something very unexpected, in a very unexpectedly posh way.

“Why, hello again! I am very sorry about the whole sack thing. I’m Dave! And I would just like to say that me and all of my friends here, are your biggest fans! If your wondering why we rob so much, I’ll tell you. It’s just that we want to be just like you! But even with all of us working full-time we could never afford any of these things. So, eventually, someone had the idea to steal. And ever since we have been well, stealing.”

“Oh, and the reason I brought you here is because we kept on queuing for autographs but your bodyguards kept on refusing to let us in.”

Chapter 6

Found You!

Back with maid and cleaner, they were just driving down the same road that the HQ was on, having an argument about who SNTGD would thank the most, when…

“THERE IT IS!” screamed maid!

And there it was indeed. There, right in front of them were the large steel doors!

In the watch room, the security guard saw who it was and knew he just had to let them in, so he pressed the big, blue button that opened the gate.

Maid and cleaner were amazed, for they had expected the HQ to be absolutely, completely filthy, so you can understand how baffled they were.

For a moment they were in a daze, but soon came back to normal. Then maid saw what she had come all this way for…

“SUPER NOODLE THE GOLDEN DOODLE!” she yelled at the very top of her voice.

SNTGD rushed straight passed Dave and into maid’s arms.

“Oh, I’ve missed you so much!” whispered maid in SNTGD’s ear.

Dave was awfully confused about how maid had got in.




Cleaner had turned bright purple in her rage now, while the ‘racoons’ had turned bright pink in embarrassment they were all feeling really bad now that someone had listed all of their crimes.

Chapter 7

Going Home

Cleaner pulled out her mobile phone and called the police. They soon turned up, (well, you would if someone called saying they would let you into the HQ that you have been trying to get into for ten years).

Anyway, the police arrived and cuffed every single criminal in there, and every single one of them either tried to explain why they did it, or say that they were forced to by someone else.

After a whole evening of trying to escape, and trying to catch the ones that did escape, every single criminal was in their cells, fast asleep.

So, after their very adventurous day, the trio set off in the limo back to SNTGD’s mansion.

Once they had got home, maid carried SNTGD to his bedroom, and carefully placed him in his pure diamond dog basket, and tucked him in.

Once she had finished, she went back downstairs, caught cleaner by the hand and took her to a spare bedroom, gave her a silk nightgown to slip into, and tucked her up too.

Then she went to her own bedroom, slipped into one of her own nightgowns, went over to her own bed and tucked herself in. Then just before she went to sleep, she whispered a couple of words to herself.

“What an adventure I have had today!” then, she fell fast asleep.

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