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Lockdown Written Word / Audio Over 18

Here is one of the entries for the adult written word / audio category in our Forces Voices creativity competition

During the height of lockdown, we asked you and your kids to get creative in photography, arts & crafts, videography and written word/audio as part of our Forces Voices competition.

All written word/audio entries were judged by Amanda Prowse, a forces wife and International Bestselling author who has had twenty-four novels and six novellas published in dozens of languages around the world. 

Here is one of the over 18 entries and the story behind it. Click here for more creative masterpieces. 

Peter Shepherd: Falkland's Lockdown 

"My first deployment to the Falklands from November 19 to March 20 has taken an unexpected turn.

"During lockdown, there is not much to stimulate one's brain.

"So I took it upon myself one morning to write my memories and experiences of the Falklands in my scrap book, so I thought I'd share them with you too.

"I hoped to make it light humour and inspire the imagination!"

Falkland's Lockdown by Peter Shepherd

November '19, it's deployment time!

Courses completed, ticket in hand, excitement and anticipation,

I board the air bridge, and grab my four seats, 

Wrap up in my blanket, head on the pillow full of elation! 


A day later we land at MPC 

Most days walking and surfing at Bertha's beach,

So much sports and PT sessions in the gym are needed, 

The mess provide so many puddings; my belly is in the way I can hardly reach.


Helicopter rides most days exploring the islands,

Sealion Island, volunteer point, like a beautiful wish, 

But be careful where you sit,

Many times I end up with dirty trousers smelling of digested fish! 


Rockhoppers, Gentoo, and king penguins, on beaches which look like tropical coastline,

However, don't forget to stay six meters away,

Don't touch penguins or you get a hefty fine!


A trip to Stanley is always a good shout, 

You can go on battlefield tours and learn the conflict history, 

In your spare time, take a trip to the Globe pub, 

And collect all the Penguin coin 50p's!


Remote radar sites and mountain range views, 

Four months of penguins, the most I've ever seen! 

The best tour, I really do have the best job,

Fast forward four months ... uh oh! COVID-19! 


No beach. No penguins. No dolphins.

"Don't worry" I tell myself. “We will pull through!!" 

No choir. No gym. No Oasis cafe and cake! 

One out of control, Tina Turner style hair-do! 


Day seven of no bar and no social gatherings,

The nights are darker and going slow, 

I'm starting to miss the midweek quiz,

And a large glass (or bottle) of Merlot. 


My email pings and news comes through of my four-month tour, 

My flight is cancelled and extra two months more,

But! Always stay positive, a once in a lifetime experience and we have time to climb pleasant peak, walk around Colorado pond and explore. 


Six months completed, it's nearly time, and the air bridge is on the runway 

It's finally hitting home, do I really want to leave, and I think I want to stay! 

Great friends, experiences and memories, uniquely made during lockdown,

It has been full of emotion, enlightening times with no need to frown. 


I wave goodbye to this remote hidden place, 

Hoping to come back to experience more of the nature and its culture to embrace. 


You can't beat this as a job, the RAF definitely delivers, 

For those that need unique life experiences and thrills, the Falklands are one to consider.

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