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Lockdown Written Word / Audio Over 18

Here is one of the entries for the adult written word / audio category in our Forces Voices creativity competition

During the height of lockdown, we asked you and your kids to get creative in photography, arts & crafts, videography and written word/audio as part of our Forces Voices competition.

All written word/audio entries were judged by Amanda Prowse, a forces wife and International Bestselling author who has had 24 novels and six novellas published in dozens of languages around the world.

Here is one of the over 18 entries and the story behind it. Click here for more creative masterpieces. 

Pamela Collumb: The Silent Assassin

"I wrote my entry to put in a diary I have been keeping since lockdown. Hopefully in the future when someone reads it they will get a bit of an understanding about what was going on during the COVID-19 pandemic."

The Silent Assassin by Pamela Collumb

2020 started off great,

Until a new disease started

To take over the world, and sent us into lockdown.

In our fears and anxieties, we started to drown!

Schools closed, parks closed, nowhere to go,

Staying inside looking through the window!

One hour of exercise a day is allowed,

No way are you allowed to be in a crowd!

Keyworkers sent out to work on the frontline,

Hoping each day all would be fine!

Children all over displayed rainbows of hope,

Society learning with new ways to cope.

With the whole country in isolation,

Apps like Zoom used for communication. 

For business meetings and socialising alike.

People out jogging or out on their bike

Lockdown is different for everyone,

Some people depressed, some having fun.

Tik Tok became a global sensation,

Used to entertain the whole of the nation!

All that is open is essential supplies,

The virus entering through the nose, mouth and eyes!

Life as we knew it changed overnight,

Entering into this very real plight!

No one is safe, no one can hide,

Very ill you could be if the virus got inside!

Wash your hands, wash your hands,

Is what the government demands!


Social distancing is the new norm, 

To try and fight off this awful storm!

Stay at home, save lives, save the NHS,

But in reality, the country was a mess!

People in public wearing facemasks,

Trying not to end up in a wooden casque!

The WHO declared a world pandemic,

Trying to get a vaccine from a chemic!


These times are scary, these times are hard,

But some people are treating them with disregard!

Thursdays at 8 we clap for the heroes,

So why are their wage rise still sitting at zero!??

Temporary hospitals thrown up everywhere,

Schools only open for essential childcare!

With our freedom gone, nowhere to roam!

People were told to work from home!

Every day we hope, every day we pray,

That this invisible enemy will go away!

Who knows what the future will look like,

Praying to God we don’t have a second spike!

No one knows what the new normal will be,

But on one thing we should all agree,

Together as a nation, we will stand,

As the future might not go as planned!

As long as you’re safe, as long as you’re healthy

In no way could you be more wealthy!

My love I send to everyone,

Lockdown I can’t wait for to be done!

Stay home, stay safe, look after each other.

Hopefully, soon we will be able to hug our grandmother!

History lessons in future will be about COVID-19,

The worst invisible enemy we’ve ever seen!

Cannot wait for all this to end,

And time with our family we can spend.

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