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Lockdown Written Word / Audio Over 18

Here is one of the entries for the adult written word / audio category in our Forces Voices creativity competition

During the height of lockdown, we asked you and your kids to get creative in photography, arts & crafts, videography and written word/audio, as part of our Forces Voices competition.

All written word/audio entries were judged by Amanda Prowse, a forces wife and International Bestselling author who has had twenty-four novels and six novellas published in dozens of languages around the world. 

Here is one of the over 18 entries and the story behind it. You can read more lockdown creative masterpieces here

Anne Campbell: COVID-19

"I love writing poetry and I use it as a means to express my feelings and emotions and to also get a message across to people.

"I wrote this poem during this pandemic to remind people that positive things can come out of this.

"Although we are in a frightening situation we must all try and focus on all the great things that we have in our life. In all my living history I have never seen the world consumed by such desolation and fear.

"This atrocity that is affecting the entire world brings me so much sadness.

"But out of sadness there is hope and with hope brings strength. COVID-19 has placed us into quarantine but when this is all over we will celebrate with all our loved ones and allow those to mourn and celebrate the lives of those that have died."


A poem written by Anne Campbell


This virus called COVID-19.

Has placed us all into quarantine.

This virus that has swept the land.

Installing fear through every strand.


It has taken lives of those we love.

The death toll rises up above.

Watching it every day on our screen.

There is so much devastation that is still unseen.


We come together in this time of emergency.

We can all stand strong and face this adversity.

Giving thanks to all those that keep us protected.

Throughout the land, they are truly respected.


There is still hope out there despite all of this.

We must stay focused and create our own bliss.

This may be the time to take stock of our life.

To realise what is important in all of this strife.


Now that we have this time to reflect.

Go inside now find and detect.

All the things you have wanted to do.

This may be the time to start something new.


You may try meditating or reading a book.

There is so much to do just have a look.

Listening to all of your favourite tunes.

Or watching a boxset in the afternoons.


Dancing around your living room.

Feeling inner joy despite all this gloom.

Spending more time with those that you love.

Creating memories for the future that you will speak of.


Picking up the phone to call that friend.

The one you have not spoken to for years on end.

Remembering the good times like yesterday.

The one that was there to wipe your tears away.


Get creative and do some art.

You don't have to be Monet just make a start.

Paint a picture, furniture too.

You may have talents that you never knew.


Or just take time to be still.

Put your feet up and take a chill.

For you may have needed to take a rest.

Working so hard to always be the best.


Time with the kids having a laugh.

Go and enjoy a relaxing bath.

Do the things that you truly adore.

You will begin to discover more and more.


Open your window or just stand outside.

Watch the birds as they hover, swoop and glide.

See nature in all of its glory.

They effortlessly live creating their own story.


You may think differently to what you once knew.

Who you truly are from a different view.

Your morals and beliefs may change somewhat.

You will truly realise what you have actually got.


Focus on your breath that keeps you alive.

You are here now continue to thrive.

Life is so precious as we all know.

Take this time to learn and grow.


We may have life easy than times long ago.

But there is one thing I want you to know.

This will be part of our history and our families too.

This has brought us together and we will fight through.


So when this is over, whenever that will be.

We will all look back and agree.

That life is important and our freedom too.

Let's live life again and start anew.

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