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Kids Lockdown Arts & Crafts: Part One

Take a look at some of the under 18 arts & crafts entries in our Forces Voices creativity competition

During the height of lockdown we asked you and your kids to get creative as part of our Forces Voices competition, here are some of the amazing entries from the under 18s arts and crafts category and the stories behind them. Click here if you want to see more.

Millie Bowles Gerald

Millie Bowles: Gerald 

"This is my happy giraffe inspired by Romero Britto.

"He cheers us up every time we look at him!"

Mia Thresher Sunset soldiers 11

Mia Thresher: Sunset Soldiers 

"It’s a sunset background with two army members at the front of the painting.

Then in the background the face of an army member with a helmet on."

Alex Hadley: Dancing In The Rain

"This piece was designed to emphasize how important it is to take a few moments out of your day to admire life itself, what have you achieved?

"What is going well?

"Take those moments to appreciate the 'silver lining' on a bad day."

Anastasia, William and Elizabeth Clark: The Rainbows Of COVID Isolation 

“All the favourite things that we missed this isolation period.”

Anastasia 11, William 9 and Elizabeth 6.

BFSAI Falkland Islands.

Annabel Carmichael: Long Lines At Pelham Down

"During lockdown, we’ve been walking a lot on Perham Down - the views are stunning and the wildlife fascinating.

"From caterpillars to tadpoles, butterflies to big cows!

"Annabel used materials from our garden and paints to create a natural collage. We both loved the way the trees and houses layered to create lines across the photo and Annabel told me she wanted to use ‘pointillism’ to create the tree - something she learned at school."

Elloise Jevons My Seasonal Potter5

Elloise Jevons: My Seasonal Potter

"One of the neighbours made the planter for me and I decorated it using frog tape and acrylic paint to get a geometric design.

"I used different colours on each side, that represent the four seasons.

"I then sprayed lacquer on it to make sure it was weatherproof, then put some compost and plants in.

"I made the planter in memory of my uncle Tom who passed away before Christmas.

"I hope you like my design. My mum has positioned it by the front door and I'm hoping the plants grow quickly so they fill the planter."

Emily Wanless: Rainbow Magic

"It's a rainbow to thank all of our country's heroes including my daddy who is in the Falklands.

"He's my hero."

Libbie Tissington Moore Together

Libbie Tissington Moore: Together 

"Being in lockdown and how we should all be together looking out for each other and helping where we can."

You can view more of these lockdown creative masterpieces here

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