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Adult Lockdown Photography: Part Three

Take a look at some of the adult photography entries in our Forces Voices creativity competition

During the height of lockdown, we asked you and your kids to get creative as part of our Forces Voices competition, here are some of the amazing entries from the adult photography category and the stories behind them. Click here if you want to see more.

Wayne Sayers: Journey From The Dark

"I was in Leeds looking for some urban photography and saw a vibrant graffiti wall in a subway that caught my eye, until a character walked through wearing clothes that I thought you don't see every day."

Steve Montgomery: Red Angel 

"A picture of my favourite bird since I read about them being almost extinct and reintroduced and was delighted to find them flying over my house most days.

"So during the lockdown, I have made it a mission to get the best photograph of them that I could.

"Dusted off my camera and rekindled my interest in wildlife photography.

"I learned how to use it on manual settings rather than auto. This is one of the best pictures I have taken so far. Always trying for a better one though."

Shirean Pettifer: No!

"See no evil.

Hear no evil.

Speak no evil."

Paul Chambers: Fit Fred

"Fred the dog getting some exercise in the back garden.

"Due to a medical condition, I can't walk the dog so we both get some exercise in the garden."

Morag Botterill: Till We Meet Again

"One of the beautiful walks that we have been enjoying whilst on lockdown close to our MQ with the stunning London skyline in the distance.

"The children miss our many visits into central."

Georgina Symonds: Lily

"My Mother’s Day Lilies. The smell was unbelievably amazing.

"These Lilies inspired my daughters to do so many other art projects with the dried leaves, they just kept on giving."

Ashley Pead: Spitfire And Hurricane

"I live in the same village as Sir Captain Tom Moore, and for his 100th birthday we had a Spitfire and Hurricane fly over.

"I am a wildlife photographer normally so I had the perfect lens to capture this moment.

"It brings me great pride to live in the village with such an upstanding gentleman.

"My father also served 10 years in the RAF so I feel a bit of a connection with military aircraft."

You can view more of these lockdown creative masterpieces here

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