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Adult Lockdown Arts & Crafts: Part Two

Look at some of the adult arts & crafts entries in our Forces Voices creativity competition

During the height of lockdown, we asked you and your kids to get creative as part of our Forces Voices competition, here are some of the amazing adult entries from the arts and crafts category and the stories behind them. Click here if you want to see more. 

Alice Hicks Birds of Borneo The Kingfisher

Alice Hicks Birds of Borneo: The Kingfisher

"Here in Brunei, we are lucky enough to see these beautiful kingfishers on boat trips and in the jungle.

"Since moving here we have enjoyed looking at these birds and spotting them in amongst the trees, and I have loved painting their beautiful colours and bright eyes.

"I have used acrylic paint, as it is quick-drying and thick, allowing you to layer the paint and clearly see each brushstroke."

"I love the effect it gives on these birds."

Nicola Slator: Peaceful Family Lockdown

"This is a collage made up of drawings of our three beautiful daughters and pets I have done during lockdown, just to relax on days off after working nights, whilst my husband is busy serving in the RAF from our garage HQ."

Angela Bage: Hornbills

"Since moving to Brunei, I have been introduced to the largest, funniest birds ever, Hornbills.

"I watch them at the same time every day, playfully chasing each other from tree to tree, they make the craziest of noises. I wanted to capture their beautiful comedy look, so I thought I would have go at painting them.

"I have only been painting a year and have been so inspired with the fantastic wildlife and scenery here in this amazing country."

Karen Burwell: The Birthday Party

"We are currently posted in Rome, Italy where lockdown has been going strong for the last few months.

"My daughter turned three at the early stages of lockdown.

"I had rushed to the shops a few days before this to get cake mix and decorations - luckily as they all shut soon after for a few months.

"The day before her birthday she asked ‘mummy, who is coming to my birthday party tomorrow?"

"I took this photo the night before her birthday.

"I felt sad for her that we were not able to have any of her friends over to celebrate. But I made sure there were plenty of bums on seats in the end.

"We had a wonderful day and she loved celebrating it with all her animal friends! I think everyone was touched by this photo within our community here and at home.

"In the end we had so many friends and family singing happy birthday to her via video! She was so happy with her ‘party’ and all the love she received from everyone.

"And so were we. I think this photo really captures the moment."

Laura Bullas: Monster Macrame Madness

"Having wanted to have a proper go at macrame for a while I used my time in lockdown to really learn it.

"I watched plenty of YouTube and scoured Pinterest for tutorials and ideas.

"Luckily I inherited the craft gene from my mum and picked it up quite quickly and was soon making plant hangers for around the house and wall hangers in varying degrees of difficulty.

"Once people saw what I was making someone asked me to make a very large piece for their Akrotiri garden and I stepped up to the challenge.

"This is by far the biggest and most complicated piece I've made but it was so much fun and I love the results, I just wish I could have kept it for myself.

"So proud of how well it turned out after only doing this craft for a couple of months."

Melissa Streete: St Stephens Church

"I have attached an acrylic painting of the church in my village.

"I have no painting experience and after attending a painting tutorial class before lockdown and following some free step-by-step classes online during lockdown I thought I would create an original piece that was personal to me."

Michael Murphy: Respect

"I am a veteran of seven years in the Cheshire Regiment.

"I made this from a pumpkin in honour of our glorious dead."

You can view more of these lockdown creative masterpieces here

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