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Adult Lockdown Arts & Crafts: Part One

Look at some of the adult arts & crafts entries in our Forces Voices creativity competition

During the height of lockdown, we asked you and your kids to get creative as part of our Forces Voices competition, here are some of the amazing adult entries from the arts and crafts category and the stories behind them. Click here if you want to see more.


Katy Parrott: Army Of One 

"Before lockdown, I hadn't painted in over four years as I had been so busy juggling full-time civilian work, reserves work and a tour to Afghanistan last year.

"I started painting as a way to pass the lockdown time, as my overseas work has all been put on hold, and it's just snowballed into a mini unexpected career.

"I found this giant canvas in the garage and wasn't sure what to do with it.

"As a biologist and wildlife filmmaker, I've always loved the animal kingdom.

"A canvas this size deserved a majestic, strong and proud creature. A stag.

"I named this piece 'Army of One' - I was listening to the Coldplay song as I painted and the title seemed fitting.

"To me it reflects how strong you can be on your own when you believe in yourself."

Abby Wilkinson: Stick Heart 

"Like many military families, I want our house to feel homely no matter how little time we get to spend here.

"I like unique items and couldn't find exactly what I wanted.

"I decided to make my own stick heart. It is over three ft tall and made entirely of sticks that me and my two-year-old daughter collected on our daily walks around the camp.

"There are no mistakes in crafting only unique creations."

Alan Howard-Baker Geode of Good Luck 1

Alan Howard-Baker: Geode of Good Luck 

"This is a four-tier carrot cake made out of geode for my friend's 50th birthday.

"The crystals are homemade sugar crystals dyed as they formed."

Elizabeth Simpson: Mummy's Little Pineapple

"My craft piece is a cushion for night feeds for when our second daughter arrives in mid-June.

"We have been unlucky in trying for a family which took many years and very lucky that we have had two successful IVF pregnancies.

"The current mascot for IVF babies is the pineapple." 

"I made the white cushion cover from scratch, added the trimming and a hidden zip. I designed the embellishments using a crafting programme and cut the design from a heat transfer vinyl using a crafting cutting machine."

Mr Hicks

"I became very interested in space travel in 1971 and there was a total eclipse of the Moon at that time."

Andy Thompson: Watching The Parade

"Oil on board. Taken from a colourised WW1 photograph of wounded US servicemen watching a parade.

"There was something very appealing about their body language."

Kate Easton Poppy Wreath 2

Kate Easton: Poppy Wreath 

"I wanted to create a different type of wreath for the front door, to celebrate VE75.

"I brought a wreath ring off the internet. I added different types of artificial flowers, including Poppys, using a glue gun to stick them into place." 

"To finish off, I added some traditional Union Jack ribbon to make a bow in the centre." 

Catherine Williams Surf Inspiration

Catherine Williams: Surf Inspiration

"My late father made me a peg loom, which has been sitting in the garage since I moved house nearly three years ago.

"Presently on furlough from work and whilst clearing through the garage, I decided it was time to try a new wall hanging for my aunt.

"Colours chosen from the beaches and surf that I cannot visit just yet."

You can view more of these lockdown creative masterpieces here

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