Every Thursday at 10 on Forces TV, Warzone explores Kandahar Airbase. This unique fly on the wall documentary on the huge airbase explores what every day life was like for British troops in one of the biggest operations in modern history.

Kandahar spread over 10 square miles of desert, which contained 3 canteens, Subway, Burger King & Pizza Hut and 2 supermarkets. Enough to feed the 14,000 people contained inside

"The food, the water, the sewage, you can't take for granted. All of the electricity is off generators. We use over 1/2 a million litres of fuel here A DAY servicing the whole airfield" RAF Air Commodore Bob Judson, Base Commander

This was all in service of NATO's airpower. At its peak it processed 10,000 air movements a month, roughly half of Gatwick airport’s. 


Kandahar Aerial
The huge sprawl of Kandahar Airbase

It's hard to appreciate just how huge Kandahar was unless you were there, let alone the contained nature of the life style. But Warzone does it's best to show the truly unique side of military life in Afghanistan.

Warzone starts tonight at 10pm on Forces TV. Available on Sky 264, Virgin 277, Freesat 165 & Freeview 96