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Starsky & Hutch Join Forces TV On Thursday

Streetwise detective David Starsky is back on television joining forces with his more intellectual partner, Kenneth 'Hutch' Hutchinson, to...

Hit 1970s detective show Starsky & Hutch is back on UK television.

Starring Paul Michael Glasser as David Starsky and David Soul as Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson, it starts at 10pm UK time on Thursday - only on Forces TV on Sky 264, Virgin 277, Freesat 165 & Freeview 96.

The two tear up Bay City, California, in Starsky's Ford Gran Torino.

Aside from the show's excellent writing and brilliant car chase sequences, it was best known for its role in developing the buddy cop dynamic.

"With Starsky & Hutch, Aaron created the offbeat police show, a heterosexual love affair between two guys with a red 1974 Ford Torino" - Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear)

Rare for shows of the time, Starsky & Hutch could be described as a TV 'bromance'.

Season 1 starts at 10pm this Thursday on Forces TV, on Sky 264, Virgin 277, Freesat 165 & Freeview 96.