Hoff in Car
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Knight Rider Series 2 Launches On Forces TV

The hit 80s show is back on Forces TV...

Hoff in Car

The second series of the immensely popular 80s TV show Knight Rider lands on Forces TV this Tuesday at 10pm.

The second series introduced another of Hasselhoff's most famous roles - Garth Knight - who was exactly the same as the protagonist Michael Knight, but with a sinister moustache and some eyeliner.

Garth Knight
The sinister Garth Knight

It also saw the departure of Patricia McPherson, to be replaced by Rebecca Holden as April Curtis.

It featured the introduction of Goliath - the fantastically-surreal Aquatic Synthesiser which allowed his artificially intelligent car KITT to drive on water - and the rise and fall of one of the best Knight Rider villains.


The shots of KITT were done with models and the interior shots with David inside the car were filmed on a water tank, to great cost.

Knight Rider Series 2 explodes into action on Tuesday at 10pm and is then on every Tuesday & Wednesday at 10pm. 

There's even more Knight Rider on Saturday & Sunday. It's all on Sky 264, Virgin 277, Freesat 165 & Freeview 96.

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