Tonight's episode of Forces 360 has an exclusive look at the NEMO submarine.

Matt Teale takes us beneath the waves with NATO's underwater ambulance before we jet off to South Korea to witness veterans of the Korean War as well as a look inside a tank collection that got out of hand.

Britain, Norway and France are partners in the NSRS, which has just been exercised for the first time in the Arctic Circle.

As submarine rescue has developed significantly in the last years, the NSRS can now get to a vehicle anywhere in the world in 72 hours.

Submariners can escape in special immersion suits up to 180 metres, but they won't survive deeper than that.

Their only chance is NEMO, the submarine rescue vehicle.

NEMO mates onto the hatch of the submarine, drains the water, and allows the submariners to escape into its pressurised rescue chamber.

Lieutenant Commander Ole Steinsland, CO, HNoMS Utsira, said:

"The system gives us confidence that we can be looked after. Of course, basic submarining is always about not getting into these kind of situations."

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