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Good Friday On Forces TV: The Falklands War: Eyewitness And Gurkhas vs Everest

Forget the chocolate, treat yourself to two fascinating documentaries on Forces TV

Gurkhas v Everest Screengrab

This Good Friday, Forces TV has a treat for you in the shape of two home-produced special programmes.

The programmes 'Gurkha vs Everest' and 'The Falklands War: Eyewitness' will be shown on both Forces TV in the UK and BFBS Extra if you are based overseas.

Gurkhas vs Everest – 4pm UKT 

It is their mountain, in their country, yet the world's most feared soldiers have never made it to the summit of Everest. This is the untold story of the Gurkhas' attempt to get to the top of the world.  

In 2015, the Gurkhas – the British Army’s brigade of elite soldiers – sought to celebrate 200 years’ service to the British Crown by putting the first serving Gurkha on the summit of Everest. 

Their expedition was abruptly stopped when an earthquake hit Nepal, causing a deadly avalanche on Everest. 

Fast-forward to 2017 and the Gurkhas return to Everest to try again. Are the world's most fearsome soldiers able to defeat an enemy as unpredictable and fearsome as Everest?

Gurkhas v Everest Screengrab

Can they overcome nature and everything else that the mountain throws at them, and make it to the top for the first time in history? Or will they once again leave without achieving their mission?  

This film mixes unique footage of Everest – including rare drone shots - with compelling testimony of seven members of this historic expedition. 

The Falklands War: Eyewitness - 5pm UKT 

It has been 39 years since Britain went to war over the Falkland Islands after Argentina invaded, counting on 8,000 miles of sea to make a counter strike from the UK unlikely. However, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ordered a task force to retake the islands.

The conflict that followed cost the lives of 255 British troops, 649 Argentine troops and three Falkland islanders. 

Using unique personal testimony, ‘The Falklands War: Eyewitness’ reveals the incredible mission through the experiences of those who were there in the heart of the battle. 

With brand new interviews and exclusive archive footage, we hear from the islanders about how the Falklands War was won and those who freed the Islands.

Brian Faulkner The Falklands War: Eyewitness Conflict Screengrab

One of those soldiers was Brian Faulkner, a Colour Sergeant in 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment. 

As a combat medic, Brian was attached to a Regimental Aid Post to defend it and assist the wounded. Soon after landing at Port San Carlos, he boarded a helicopter sent out to support injured paratroopers.

The helicopter he was on crashed and by some miracle, all the people on board survived. The soldiers did not let this get in the way of their work and used the mangled aircraft to shield them from the Falklands weather while they tended to the wounded.

After a tab (tactical advance to battle) of 56 miles, the battalion reached its major objective. Brain shares with Forces News one of his memories from that time, saying: 

“I grabbed as many weapons as I could that were leaning against the wall that had been left there by the wounded and dead and I ran down and got around the corner of the strip of rocks, grabbed as many guys as I could ... and led them on a counterattack up the hill. 

“And then our lads came out from each side and forced a surrender and took them away.” 

After losing Mount Longdon and several other battles soon after, the Argentinians surrendered on June 14, 1982.

Catch Gurkhas vs Everest and The Falklands War: Eyewitness on Forces TV - Sky 181, Freeview 96, Freesat 165 and Virgin 274 - on Good Friday from 4pm UKT