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Gerry Anderson Day: Forces TV Invites You To Choose Your Favourite UFO Episode

The winning episode will be preceded by a never before heard audio compilation from the man himself

UFO Forces TV Gerry Anderson

To mark the first-ever international Gerry Anderson Day on April 14, 2021, Forces TV will air your favourite ‘UFO’ episode chosen by you from a list of Gerry's cherished episodes selected by his son Jamie Anderson.

Voting has now closed - find out which episode won by watching Forces TV on April 14 at 10pm.

Legendary TV producer, Gerry Anderson was responsible for creating classics such as the British science-fiction puppet TV series ‘Thunderbirds’ and the future-focused 1970’s series ‘Space 1999’.

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His sci-fi hit ‘UFO’ is a 1970 British TV series about the ongoing covert efforts of government defence organisation S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization) to prevent an alien invasion of Earth.

The winning programme, chosen by you from the list below, will air at 10pm on Gerry Anderson Day, April 14.

To make it even more special, Forces TV will precede the programme with some never before heard audio about the winning episode from Gerry himself. This will be edited into a compilation video with footage from the programme.

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Need a reminder about each episode?


When a UFO self-destructs close to Moonbase, two interceptor pilots are sent out to investigate. The diamond-like moon rock they find seems innocuous enough, but it actually causes anyone who touches it to hallucinate with disastrous consequences. 


When a freighter is sunk mid-Atlantic by an undersea UFO, Straker joins the crew on Skydiver to investigate. While searching in the area where the ship was lost, Skydiver is attacked by a UFO and damaged, sinking to a ledge on the seabed. Facing claustrophobia and a single, faulty escape hatch, will the crew survive?

LISTEN: BFBS, the forces station broadcaster Tim Humphries spoke to Gerry’s son, Jamie Anderson about this and the secret behind the enduring appeal of those iconic shows

A Question of Priorities  

Commander Edward Straker's son Johnny is hit by a car and taken to hospital. After discovering Johnny is allergic to the antibiotics the hospital has, Straker orders an experimental anti-allergenic antibiotic to be flown from New York to Britain by a S.H.A.D.O. transporter. Chaos ensues when an alien escapes from a UFO and the transporter gets diverted. Will Johnny get the antibiotics in time?

Reflections In The Water 

The sinking of a freighter ship prompts Straker and Foster to take the submarine 'Skydiver' to examine the ocean bed. There they encounter a building which, they discover later, is being used by aliens to create doubles of the S.H.A.D.O. staff. With security threatened they must act fast. 

The Cat With Ten Lives  

While driving down a country road, S.H.A.D.O. pilot Jim Reagan spots a cat blocking his way. When he gets out to tend to the furry feline, he is abducted by aliens who eventually operate upon him to allow the cat to control his mind.