Hard-hitting, behind-the-scenes military documentaries and a vibrant mix of television shows including cult classics are all among the highlights now that Forces TV has launched for the first time on Freeview.

Powerful reports that delve into the life and operations of the Armed Forces feature in a schedule brimming with a host of military and action-themed comedy and drama, with classics such as Knight Rider and Street Hawk in the billing to tie in with the launch on the digital terrestrial television platform.

FTV freeview launch In Kabul

Forces TV is available on Freeview now, with a new schedule ready for launch on October 16 on Freeview channel 96.

New Factual Shows

Monday, October 16 at 6pm: Forces360, a brand new weekly topical show which gets under the skin of current UK military operations, training and technology, as well as telling remarkable and inspiring stories about the bravest and most brilliant of the UK’s military men and women, past and present.

Wednesday, October 18 at 6pm: In Kabul: Britain’s Military in Afghanistan, a half-hour documentary which takes an in-depth look at the current presence of the British Armed Forces in Kabul, to train, advise and assist the Afghanistan national defence and security forces.

FTV documentaries on Freeview

New Entertainment

Tuesday, October 17 at 10pm: Knight Rider, Series 1: Witness Michael Knight, (David Hasselhoff, Baywatch) fighting for justice alongside his super powered, intelligent souped-up Pontiac Trans-Am KITT, voiced by William Daniels (The Graduate).

Thursday, October 19 at 6pm: Rated: Gaming and Movies with Cassidy Little is presented by Cassidy Little, the fast-talking former Royal Marine medic who lost his leg in Afghanistan in 2011 and danced his way to become The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief. This review show allows him to indulge his twin passions for video games and movies.

Friday, October 20 at 10pm: Street Hawk, This high action classic, sees desk-bound cop Jessie Mach (Rex Smith) secretly fight crime as the test pilot for a prototype combat motorcycle. If that’s not enough to get you excited then look out for a very young, future Oscar winner George Clooney sporting poofed-up hair and a medallion in episode 2.

Airwolf features in the Freeview schedule

Forces TV, part of the Services Sound and Vision Corporation, will continue to be available on Sky (264), Freesat (165) and Virgin Media (277), while YouView users will be able to piggyback off Freeview for the reception of terrestrial channels.

For more details about the Forces TV launch on Freeview channel 96 next month see @Forces_TV and www.forces.net/forcestv